My Polytheism — Thenea

The physical universe is full of laws: gravity, entropy, inertia, thermodynamics, information, evolution. Those laws have consequences. The same principles alive in the universe which allowed unicellular organisms to mutate and evolve into multicellular ones also make it possible for cells in our bodies to mutate, and for us to die of cancer. The same law of gravity that  is responsible for us falling down when we lose our footing is what fuses hydrogen into helium– and causes the stars to give off light. Move even one of these laws to the right or the left, and the whole of the universe will unravel. There does not need to be a deity of any of these things, because if any of these things had free will, they could move to the right or the left, and the world in which we live would likely not exist right now. A deity is defined, in my polytheism, by free will, agency, and power over themselves. 


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