Purification — Lucy

So what does purification mean in my own practice today? I seek to shed that which isn’t me and does not serve me, in order to be fully myself and myself alone. So for me, purification means cleansing myself from those influences, attitudes, and energies that are foreign to me, to the path I walk, and to who I want to be and the person I am becoming. It does NOT mean those influences and energies are bad, dirty, or wrong. It just means they don’t serve me, right now.

Where do these influences and energies come from? Everywhere. As I’ve written previously, I believe all life is interconnected at some level or another. I don’t believe any of us exists in a void, whether human, Spirit, or other. We all affect each other. We put out energy of our own, and we pick up the energy of others just by coexisting with them—and that’s not a defect. It doesn’t mean we’re doing anything wrong. It’s a natural and inevitable part of existing.

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