My Polytheism — Estara T’Shirai

I don’t believe in the (modern Western) hard divide between monotheism and polytheism. I think that it comes largely from a conflation of meanings of the word “god,” so that “Is there a God?” and “Is there a god?” are treated as one question instead of two, when in fact the first asks whether there is a single being that embodies the classical perfections, whether defined in Western or Eastern manner, and the second asks whether there are any spiritual beings whatsoever who are worthy of human reverence. It seems obvious to me that when you break the two pieces apart, you can see that you can answer them separately. You can say yes to one, or to neither, or to both.

But the current popular discussion of “Polytheism” refuses this possibility. But, well, other people’s being beholden to a logical fallacy is not my problem. Nor is it a problem for the majority of Hindus, practitioners of ATRs, nominally Christian folk practitioners, or any number of other inconvenient, sloppy wielders of actual living faiths.

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