Purity and Cleansing — Kiya Nicoll


Eventually I figured out that’s not how it worked Kemetically; the fundamental state of everything is one of purity. There are things which are, by their fundamental nature, pure: water (as a cleansing agent), incense (as a censing agent), food (which has nutritive properties and thus promotes life), water (both cleansing and essential to life). There are other things which may be in various states of the necessity of restoration, but the fundamental underlying nature of everything is one which is pure.

That purity does not mean safety, mind. Water is dangerous, it can destroy everything, it can take a life; that does not mean that it is not pure. It means that the flood will wash everything flat. Wesir (Osiris) drowned; allegorisation with that eventually led to immediate local god status for anyone who drowned in the Nile. It may be a particularly power-imbued way to die, but it’s still, y’know, dead.

The Egyptian world was one of fundamental order. Everything was made to suit its place in the cosmos, keyed to its function. Everything was also subject to entropy, to wearing down – even the sun sets and needs to be restored, after all. Everything goes down to the waters and comes back clean. The process of purification is a process of perpetual restoration, cleaning the soot off the artwork, winding the clock, waiting for the flood to come and provide new earth that would sustain the crops and promote life.


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