My Polytheism — Morgan Daimler

 It is also a polytheism that seeks to build bridges, to connect to others who believe in more than one God. I mentioned at the beginning that my belief may not be exactly like other peoples, and in all honesty I don’t think that matters. One of the ways that I serve Macha, and the Morrigan more generally, is by acting as her clergy at a yearly retreat (the Morrigan’s Call Retreat) which sees attendees from across every possible demographic of paganism and polytheism – and She has made it very clear to me that I am to serve all of them in Her rituals. I do not get to pick and choose when Her people come to me in ritual who is worthy and who isn’t, who is enough like me in belief and who isn’t. If they consider themselves Hers then I act as priest/ess for them to the best of my ability when they enter that space. That was a humbling message to receive and one that taught me that while we humans may by nature try to divide and categorize and label, the Gods have a different view. My job in that context is to serve Her and build Her community, not judge or divide.

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