Snapshots: sharing sacred spaces

[Edited 9/12/16] This page is no longer being added to. It became clear rather quickly that this was not the best approach to this part of the site; instead, I’ll add photos that you want shared to the gallery on the sidebar. Just click on the photos to enlarge and explore!


Want to share a photo of a ritual, or a shrine, or some part of your polytheism practice? Send them along, and I’ll post them here!


Jolene’s Vigil for the Bulls 2016 Shrine.


Columbine’s shrine for Apollon 2016.

Estara Three Queens Frigga Freya Morgan shrine

The Three Queens: Frigga, Freya, and Morgan — Estara T’Shirai 2016. Shared with permission.



Meditation Space and Lectio Divina space at the Black Stone Hermitage 2016. Shared with permission. Photo by Ilana Hamilton




Erin’s Bride shrine 2016


close up of Erin’s Bride shrine


Celestine’s shrine for Yemaya 2016


Yemaya shrine, veiled.


Hearth Keeper: This corner is next to my main entrance and is dedicated to Household Gods and Spirits. Hestia’s shrine is on the left and the crocheted serpent on the right represents my home’s Agathos Daimon (House Spirit).


Hearth Keeper shares: This is one of my bedroom shrines, dedicated to Kuan Yin and is used for healing. Not pictured is a shrine to Poseidon that is also used for healing, namely for anger management. It’s on the other side of the dresser. Both shrines aid in balancing my moods and reminding me of my ultimate goals of being a better and healthier person.


Hearth Keeper writes: his is a second shrine for Poseidon that I made from recycled materials that looks like a beach (more so on the inside). It’s not quite finished, but then what shrine is in the beginning? On top is an octopus that I crocheted for Him. Within is a mini alcohol bottle filled with salt water, a piece of roasted seaweed, a red plate of rosemary and sea salt, an an LED light (because having a real tealight in this space isn’t space). It’s hanging by three braided yarns, each color representing Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades. Hanging down beneath are protective bottles. Not pictured in this photo is a dolphin charm that represents His wife, Amphitrite. [Jo writes: YAY POSEIDON SHRINE!!!! *ahem*]


Hearth Keeper: Featuring a Brass Ram that represents Vulcan-Hephaestus, a black shot glass of olive oil, a yellow candle, my first soldered piece, a Little People’s Donkey, an a tasting spoon of offerings of flour and barley. I’m still in the process of making Hephaestus His own shrine space. It’ll be a recycled hanging one like Poseidon’s above, and be large enough for that Ram.