My Polytheism — Karina B. Heart

‪#‎mypolytheism‬ is a beyond- binary amalgam of poly-, pan-, mono-, duo-and auto- theism with ancestor reverence, animist, totemist and a few other ‘ists’ thrown in for good measure. I believe the cosmos is radically ensouled from the seed(s) of the Big Bang to the grains of sand to my soul and yours; that we are cells in the body of God Hirself and therefore are Gods in our own right. As a God, I interact with other Gods — those with and without physical form — as beloved community. I seek their counsel, do them favors, offer them my hospitality, gifts and works as well as the life force inherent in my breath, laughter, sorrow, creativity and love. They are not parental (although can take that role), overseers, slave-masters nor petty tyrants. They are not jealous, needy or judgemental. We are peers and equals. I bow before no one, because we are equal and my gods do not require my submission. Rather, they require my complete Self-Possession and eager acceptance of self-responsibility. I *can* surrender into their immeasurable love and power and I sometimes need that. They are dear and ever-present friends-lovers-family.

Edited to add: Your beliefs and practices, your relationship to your Gods and what is sacred to you may differ from mine. I do not claim the Right Way, the Only Way or the True Way. I claim, My Way.

Do as you Will is one of our Laws. The Gods are vast. The way I relate with them does not diminish or insult them nor your relationship to them. As Victor Anderson stated, “They come wearing the party hat appropriate to the party.”

If your party means you make sacrifices or bend the knee . . . it’s your party! Enjoy. I expect and require the same respect when it comes to my party.

(In case you’re wondering why I’m posting this, there’s been some contention around theology in some parts of one of my communities and this is my response. Many are posting #mypolytheism and it’s been beautiful to see. So, here are my 2 cents and maybe you learned something about me that you didn’t know!)

**lifted from Karina’s Facebook, with kind permission. Check out her website to learn more about her polytheism.