Want to write about a topic that’s not listed yet? What your devotional life looks like? How your Work influences your life? Do you even have something you consider your Work? How you bring your gods more into your world, how you allow them to bring you into theirs? How polytheism has helped make your life better? Topics you struggle with? Anything else?

Share. Do it! Doooooo eeet!! And gimme links!

Once there’s more than a few, I’ll create a page and shuffle them over there, but don’t let the lack of a page now stop you from sharing! (And thank you, Kiya Nicoll, for this idea! You are brilliant!)

Polytheism with a Brain Injury — Neptune’s Dolphins — Virginia Carper

Expansion of Love — Between Stars Unknown — Varian

My Work — From the Mud — Hearth Keeper

#Polytheism’s Visibility Matters – Kallisti