My Polytheism — Kiya Nicoll

My polytheism is a hot mess.

(okay, that’s not enough of a quote, but wow does that line pack a punch! Love it!)

My polytheism doesn’t include having a neat and tidy sense of what is a god and what is a spirit and what is a thing that has divine power and what is a thing that is a divine power. It is full of apotheosis, tree spirits who are just as describable as the god of that specific tree, dead gods, reborn gods, fictional gods, good folk, spirits of various shapes, things that are obliquely lurking on the boundaries of god-dom, demons, and perhaps a shortage of angels because that one I can’t actually shake the popcultural model for well enough to actually use that word for ‘that thing that’s sort of a messenger-emanation of something that’s probably categorisable as a god, with at least partially independent existence’.

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