#Polytheism’s Visibility Matters — Kallisti

Our visibility in Google and via social media hashtags absolutely matters. If someone is trying to find the social media conversations about #polytheism, what happens when they just find people affiliated with Abrahamic religions bashing polytheism and calling it deplorable and sick? What happens when someone doesn’t have a carefully-worked-out hashtag system on their blog that helps people click through related content? What happens when these 21st century information infrastructures fail?

People don’t get what they need.

They may want to worship Dionysos, or Apollon, or Freya, but they don’t have the tools to engage with the community because information is also a commodity item. The things that one can get access to without dropping money are extremely limited, even when using a public library.

I think that we need more hashtag use. Hashtags help us disseminate the information that we have available to us. They increase our visibility, and they make Twitter, Tumblr, and everything ending in -r a better experience for polytheists everywhere.

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