on Community

Here you’ll find links to essays about the place online community has had in the lives of others, what they’ve gained from it, and how online community can be as supportive and valid (in cases, even more supportive) than face to face community. One need not take the place of the other, but one is not necessarily superior to the other. There is nothing wrong with crafting the community you need or want, on the terms that you need or want, and anyone who is telling you that one way is superior to the other is not walking in your shoes, does not know your limitations, priorities, or experiences. That’s about them, not about you. Do not let them make you feel inferior for your choices.

In no particular order:

What is a Co-Religionist? — Kiya Nicoll

Why Online Community? — Estara T’Shirai

Is There Community in #mypolytheism? — Jack October

Community and (my) polytheism — Fjothr Lokakvan

Online verses Face to Face Community — Adrian Moran