Celebrate Diversity: Suggested Topics

Did I mention bad at organizing? I’m bad at organizing. Please help by suggesting topics you’d like to see shared. The aim is to share what our paths look like, to celebrate diversity. To just get things rolling:

What does purification look like, in your polytheism? Does it even have a place?

and also:

How does your regional location reflected in your polytheism? Do local Powers have a place in your spiritual landscape? What does that look like?

Divination What is its place in your practice? How do you engage in back and forth discussions with the Gods/Ancestors/Spirits? Do you divine after offerings? Before rituals or magical operations? Do you choose a form of divination that matches up with a specific pantheon’s culture or one that you are personally more comfortable with for other reasons? (Thanks to Stevie Miller for this one!)

A Day in the Life! What does a day in the life of your polytheism look like? (Thank you, Jack!)

Keep the topics coming, everyone! And remember: you don’t have to write your response if you’d rather do a video or an audio-post!