Is There Community in #mypolytheism? by Jack

My polytheist community is on The Cauldron and Facebook and, yes, Tumblr, in pockets of people and Skype chats and IRC, places where I feel comfortable talking about what I’m working on and getting feedback. I enjoy these kinds of places precisely because everyone there has a different background, different deities, different ways of acting on what we know about magic and religion. What each group gives is a common language, a context in which we can discuss various techniques and experiences so that others are more likely to understand what we’re talking about and coach their advice or encouragement in the same language.

Online community has other benefits, as Estara T’Shirai outlined in the post that planted the seed for this one. Facebook and message boards fit into my busy schedule, allowing me more time to discuss the gods than I’m able to carve out for coffee shop salons or pagan store classes. I missed so many meetups and rituals when I was working two retail-sector jobs, but I could always find a space online to talk about offerings or rituals or what I was reading.

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