Why Online Community? Estara T’Shirai

Apparently this question has come up lately. Old, Snarky Me would probably have written a whole post arguing with people who are not fans of it, poking at their reasons and potential biases, and all that fun diversity-shredding business we are all so good at. But as I have taken to heart the imperative to “build up or fuck off,” I have decided instead to write a positive post about what online community specifically has done for me.

For the record, I have put time and energy into meatspace community before. During my turn as a high priestess of modest acclaim, I taught in-person classes, led public rituals, gave seminars, held office in the Covenant of the Goddess, and all that good stuff. At the same time I was writing for publication, teaching in an online school, editing the quarterly journal of the Fellowship of Isis, and…

…and well, I suppose it just makes sense that something had to give. In my case, the something was sleep. I completely lost the ability to fall or stay asleep by any natural means, and of course the rest of my health disintegrated accordingly.


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