Community and (my) polytheism — Fjothr Lokakvan

I am very much an introvert. I love – and need – long stretches of time alone where I cannot be forced into interaction with other human beings on their terms. I don’t have any human roommates, and it’s great.

I also really wish I had a community of some kind to be involved in – ideally, it would be one in which I could be open about my spiritual life, and occasionally do group rituals or celebrations.

My workplace isn’t going to provide that; I haven’t done much in the way of trying to make friends with coworkers, partly because I’ve intended to never be here long and partly because this place is not one I really care about; I’m not particularly emotionally invested in the company. The organizations I do volunteer work with don’t really provide community, either – with one, the work I do is completely by myself, and I only see the other volunteers once or twice a year at get-togethers. With the other, the physical space where I do most of my tasks is slightly isolated from other people, and, being not prone to striking up conversation with others, I’ve failed hard for three years to get to know the other people there very well.

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