The Local Spirits — HearthKeeper

I honor my Deities, but I also honor the Spirits of the Land, Water, and Sky, too, and work to form a relationship with Them, through offerings, fulfilling promises, cleaning up a bit of trash, taking care of the land (doing my small part), and spending time outside, talking to Them.

Nature Spirits are different than other Spirits and Gods, at least in my experience, but just as diverse in personality.  They feel older and more powerful.  Yes, even than the Gods.  They intimidate me more than other Spirits and Gods.  I’ve accidentally pissed a group of Them off, and have been chased through the woods.  That was true terror.  Terror that no other Being has ever brought out of me (note, it’s wasn’t me and my cousin who disrespected Their sacred land, but They weren’t trusting or friendly to humans after that desecration.  I don’t blame them).  Elemental Spirits are….something else all together.  I’ve found that they’re way less forgiving.  It takes a lot of time to form a relationship especially if They’ve already been disrespected by humans.


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