About My Polytheism — the ‘quickee’ version! (or TL;DR)

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Explore what polytheism looks like for others in Raise Your Voice

Find out how local polytheism, and animism might shape your practice.

Does purification play a role in your practice?

Consider the value that online community has to offer.

Want to talk to others, about the topics here or whatever else? Visit the FB page. (Please note: sacred hospitality will be enforced. Trolls will not be tolerated. The FB page is more open to discussion than this space is, but it is not an everything goes space. We’re here to share experiences, and question in good faith. No one has anything at all to prove to you, and if that’s what you’re after, you’re going to be disappointed. And in for a short stay.)

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I want polytheism to be accessible. I want it to be a welcoming option for newcomers. I want people to feel comfortable sharing and connecting with others without having to worry about defending their paths. Have you identified as a polytheist for decades? Awesome! Two weeks? Great! Are the Powers you’re involved with ‘named gods from the Lore’? Hooray! Do you follow a pop culture pagan path? Wonderful! Tell us about it!

Help us celebrate the diversity of contemporary polytheism by adding your voice! Want to tell others what your polytheism looks like? Feel like talking about any of the suggested topics?  Have topics you’d like to introduce? Do it! Write an essay, record a video or an audio clip! Share as much or as little as you want. Post to your own pages, your own channels. If you want the material here as well, drop me a line (my.polytheism@gmail.com) and let me know, and I’ll be thrilled to link to you.