My Work — Hearth Keeper

The Work.  I take it as a task or duty that the Powers have given a person.  I see it as being personal, like getting better, healing oneself, working to improve yourself and reach your goals.  I also see it as helping others, be it through inspiration arts, working as some kind of healer, activism, picking up litter; donating money, food, or items, and so on.  Things that you do for others to help.  There’s many things that The Work can include, in my opinion, anyway.

What tasks have my Powers given me?

Well, the big one is that They encourage me to keep striving to be my best.  Want to be a better photographer? Get out there and challenge yourself in the field, and even in the editing bay.  Strive to improve your eye and your skills.  Never give up, despite what the “critics” say (I put it in quotations, because if one lacks the ability to give constructive criticism, criticism that actually helps one to improve their work, then you ain’t no critic.  You’re just another opinionated asshole.  Take it or leave it.).  Grow.


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