My Polytheism — Tom

I want to write a ‘My Polytheism’ post, adding to the diversity of posts out there about what each person’s polytheism looks like, but I have not been feeling very worshipful as of late. It’s hard to admit to myself, but I’m angry at my gods and spirits. Angry at myself too. Angry at most of the whole goddamned world.

Maybe that’s what my Polytheism looks like right now. An altar in need of work and renewal, but not having the energy to put the effort in. A knowing that Veles is more concerned than annoyed about that. That miasma does not play a single fucking role in my relationship to the gods. That they know that every shower is a victory against the time when I found it difficult to take showers regularly. A knowing that self-care is the goal, not some ideal purity that I must achieve just to deal with a deity.

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