My Polytheism — Raistlynn

(submitted via e-mail and published with permission. Thanks, Raistlynn!)
In a series of posts over on WordPress. I thought to add my own bit here.
Beth said pretty much everything I could think to say in her post. And I’m adding that mine (like hers) is a personal journey. I do not hold the ‘I am the almighty right pope/authority on what is right and wrong.’ My polytheism is a respect and reverence for all life, from a tiny bee to a pigeon at a bus stop, to a cat or dog on the side of the road, to a seagull on a lamp post, to a rat scurrying around water for food at night, to a bear in the woods, to a deer taking a stroll, to a tiger or lion or orca being drugged and held captive against their will where people take pictures ‘beating up’ the animal. Yes, sadly that is all reality. And I wish I could make all of the animal abuse/captivity/slaughter stop. We’re senselessly abusing/killing/hunting/holding captive beautiful kindred souls.
All life is sacred and should be left alone in peace period which yes, includes humans. And for the record, mine isn’t  a vegetarian/vegan path, but my polytheism doesn’t care if yours is. If that’s what you want to do and how you show reverence/respect, then absolutely go for it.
My polytheism deals with a cleaner greener more peaceful planet. It involves taking care of forests or the beach or anywhere else. My polytheism will not tell you what to do or believe or think or feel. It also will show respect at all times and maybe even curiosity with things that others are doing or believe or think or feel. Mine doesn’t have to believe the exact same as yours. My polytheism is pretty chill and won’t care if you worship Zeus in one breath and Thor in the next. It’s a solitary path, worshipping with other people is, was, and never will be a thing for me since I prefer to live in a log cabin overlooking the ocean.
My polytheism doesn’t need to put others down or tell others they’re wrong in order to be valid. There are deities that I don’t/won’t ever deal with, and there’s a very small group of Them that I do. It’s diverse in its own way, following the stars, the changing of the seasons, and of course celebrating them.
The Hierophant card reversed shown here in the Revelations Tarot sums up my polytheism. It’s a ‘go your own way, do your own thing, it’s all cool’. Anyone who does the ‘there’s only one true way’ to do polytheism is the Hierophant right side up in my eyes, more rigid and authoritative. And I didn’t come all of this way to go back to that attitude. I left all that behind the day I became a polytheist. And I thought that whole thing was ‘judge not lest ye be judged yourselves’ or something along with ‘do unto others’. Not ‘show them how many books you’ve read or sources you can quote to support how right and clever and indisputably awesome you are.’
Live and let live.