My Polytheism — Danica Swanson

My polytheism calls me to a monastic path of service — to deities, spirits, land, and community. I describe The Black Stone Hermitage, where I live, as a contemplative polytheist sanctuary creating atmospheres of sacred endarkenment. I am the resident hermit and anchoress of the Hermitage. While I don’t actually live in seclusion in a polytheist monastery — after all, it’s not as if there are many available options for those of us called to that sort of life — I do feel a calling to make inroads in that direction. I do the best I can, within the constraints of my situation, to live as I would if I had taken a religious vow to live and serve as a Sister in a hermitage affiliated with a recognized polytheist monastery. I live a solitary life in a small live/work studio in the Pacific Northwest. I earn income through self-employment, as a house cleaner and freelance writer.

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