Miasma, Mental Illness, and Me — Hearth Keeper

Over the years, I’ve learned to not stress myself out about cleanliness–it’s not healthy to stress and worry about not doing a good enough job for o/Others.  It’s best to just do a bit at a time.  Even if all I do is a load of dishes, wiping the stove top, or picking up toys.  Every little bit helps.

I don’t feel disappointment from my Gods when I don’t cleanse and purify my home or self.  As I said in another post, I don’t believe that these rituals are necessary to speak and honor the Gods.  Yet, I asked for more ritual and structure in my life, and HP/RR is where They led me.  I love that I’ve included Khernips and certain greeting gestures to my practice, but do I do this every time I approach Their shrines?  No.  Only when I remember or have the energy for.  And you know what?  Sometimes my mental illnesses affects whether or not I do.  Sometimes I just don’t have the energy or mindset to cleanse myself.  I’m just looking for direction or assurance.  And purified or not, often They respond.  Never have I felt disappointment or rejection from Them.

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