My Polytheism — Beth Wodandis

My polytheism is strictly on my own terms, and is for myself and myself alone; I don’t generally do religion with others, but on the rare occasions when I do, I don’t expect or demand that people believe or practice as I do. I also don’t require that others who call themselves polytheists define the word the way I do; I am in the business of communicating with others, not dictating meaning to them. The word “polytheist” goes back quite a long way, and takes in a wealth of diverse meaning; practitioners ranging from pantheists to humanists to Wiccans to recons and everything in between have an equal claim on the word, if they want it. And each and every person within all of the categories of “theisms” that can fit within polytheism means something a little different when they use it–and you know what? THAT’S OKAY.

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