Okay, maybe I did drop off the face of the earth!

My web presence has been scattered and sporadic for the latter half of the year (though for good reasons, mostly. YAY new job!) and that’s not likely to change going forward, though I am hoping to update this site a bit more than, you know, never.

Like today! Except, today, instead of doing an update that adds content, I’m taking some down? Why? Because the creator of the content asked me to do so, because they’ve been harassed over the subject matter they shared about their path. Because the idea of some things are just TOO FAR OUT THERE. I mean, we all just talk about what we can see with our embodied senses, right? Right? Gods are okay, but different ways of explaining our souls origins are just . . . . too hokey. I mean, we totes understand 100% exactly how every part of our brains work, right? And we understand how we understand, yes? I mean, scientists are still working hard to suss this all out, are they? It’s figured out! No reason to wonder any more! Phew.

Snarky Jo is snarky.

I dunno. My internal storyteller is flexible. She has to be. She can hold Poseidon being Poseidon being not Poseidon being Vishnu being none of the above being separate from her and not in her mind, and not be invested in any one way of that being ‘correct’. (Well, she tries, anyway. We’re still going back and forth with that name thing, though, he softens my heart). I’m pragmatic — in that sense, how souls are made, if souls are really a thing, if I was all one being before now or pieces of various beings stitched together into this present ‘me’ . . . none of that matters. It’s fun to think about. I love exploring different ideas, but if I’m a new soul, an old soul, once-a-true-daughter-of-Pops, once part of a rune spirit, once a dragon, once an elf — it doesn’t really matter to me now. And it shouldn’t, unless it helps me in some way.

And I’m just getting more pissed off. So I’m going to stop, and go take down that link.

Share, if you are comfortable, because *most* people are *not* assholes. Really. Really.


One thought on “Okay, maybe I did drop off the face of the earth!

  1. Funny thing about the brain–when I took physiological psychology with a dude who actually has his PhD in neuropsychology, most of the time the answer to “Why does this thing do this?” is “Psychologists and neuroscientists don’t know!”


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