New shrine photo, topic suggestion proposed, oh, and hey, look! We made the Wild Hunt!

Super quick update, as I’m squeezing this in between breakfast and showering, and running out to the day job! Beth’s been awesome enough to share a photo of her newly reworked shrine to the Traveller. Go ahead and click on the gallery to take  a look at it — and yeah, before anyone asks: pop culture polytheism is welcomed here. (A shameless plea for material on the subject? YES!)

Along with material dealing with experiences within pop culture paganism, it’s been suggested that we add a section talking about patrons and matrons. I think that’s an awesome idea, and as soon as I have material to link to, I’ll be doing so! (I have a writing vacation coming up next week, and aside from tackling my sad kitchen cupboards — no, really, don’t look —   I’m hoping to get some significant writing done.)

On the ‘what is my life’ front, Crystal Blanton took some time to speak with a number of people about the #mypolytheism project for, myself included. My heartfelt thanks to Crystal, Celestine, Danica Swanson, Alley Valkyrie, and Yvonne Aburrow for taking the time to talk about this project. My thanks, too, to everyone who has helped make this a thing. I’ll keep saying it: you lot rock.

For those interested, there’s now a FB Pagan and Polytheist Monasticism group happening, and there’s talk of the creation of LANMIPP, a Loosely Affiliated Network of Monastically Inclined Polytheist Pagans, and yeah, this makes me happy.

Okay. Not so quick, but now! Food into face and going about the day job. Four more days, and then? Staycation!


5 thoughts on “New shrine photo, topic suggestion proposed, oh, and hey, look! We made the Wild Hunt!

  1. But none of the goddesses I deal with are the nursing staff at a boarding school or female prison officers. 😉

    To actually make this a productive comment: there’s probably something worthwhile in a “misc” category as well, for things that are #mypolytheism related but which don’t necessarily fit in established categories. If there’s enough coherent stuff on one topic in the misc category it can wind up with its own category later, y’know? This thought brought to you by a half-written post that is not really fitting tidily into anything.


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