Reorganization, some additions, and my gratitude — but maybe not in that order.

First: additions! Today I’ve added a link to Hearth Keeper’s essay about her interactions with her local spirits. I’ve added a new section, on Online Community, and Estara and Jack have been good enough to allow me to link to their material.

Along with creating a few  new sections (on Online Community; Admin), I’ve reorganized some of the pages under the Admin page, update the about this site and the landing page, and added ‘an about me page.’

Because I’m not oblivious, I know that this site and this project have come up in a few spots and has been criticized (by one critic for not allowing criticism, which I don’t quite understand, because how exactly could I begin to stop criticism from happening?). I know many of you have come out to try to explain this project, to defend my reasoning for not allowing debate on this site, and for wanting to build up communication and community in this particular way — and I’m grateful for that. I do not go looking for people talking shit about me or what I do. I do not care if people are, and  I don’t have the time to invest in the search, anyway. I am not here for them. They are not my audience. They are not the point of this. Please know that I appreciate the support. I appreciate what this place has already meant to people. Do not feel the need to defend any of this on my behalf, or on behalf of this project. You can, of course — I can’t stop you, and it’s not my place to.  But it’s not required or expected. I’ve got better things to do with my time, and I bet you do, as well.


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