Quick update, nothing exciting.

Dropping a quick note to let you know that I have not dropped my interest in this space, and yes, I do plan on writing some essays and sharing them, and revamping some of the info about this page since, holy bananas, people are interested! We’ve been dealing with an ill dog (CHF and other issues) and it’s been a tense week here at the Nunnery. Illness, lack of sleep, a full time and a part time job does not leave a whole lot of mental capacity left over for stringing words together in any way that makes sense — and I don’t want to give you ‘some assembly required’ sentences ;-p

Our dog is on the mend, and it looks like his issue was not strictly heart failure related. (Keep failing at that heart failure, Corb!) So, sleep and recharging will commence. It’s going to be long week, this coming week, but then there will be multiple days off, and I plan to neaten things up a bit once that happens.


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