New additions!

Once again from the top: you all rock so very much.

Celestine from Find the Path, Lee Davies from Cylch Riannon, and Camilla Laurentine from Foxglove and Firmitas have added their voices to #mypolytheism. Hooray!! Columbine shares some of her experiences with local-based polytheism with the Land of the Two Rivers, and Beyond; Sean Donahue writes of Safe Spaces and Ritual Purity.

I’ve also gotten a handle (more or less) on the gallery feature, so  the ‘snapshot’ page will be replaced by the handy dandy gallery widget on the sidebar. Click to explore!


4 thoughts on “New additions!

    • I love it! I think you can click on the picture and a comment bubble pops up, that, if you click on, you can leave a comment in? At least, on my end, it’s a bubble that goes away if you don’t click on it, but I’m a smaller screen than you, so . . I dunno.


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