#mypolytheism additions, new purification essay, and photos!

[I’m posting about these additions as they happen (more or less) over on the Facebook page, and on my Twitter (well, hoping to be on my Twitter. Still not got the rhythm of that yet!), so if you want to get speedier updates, follow one of those places.]

There have been three new additions to the #mypolytheism section since my last update: Tom from Of Frost and Starry Night grants us a glimpse into his polytheism, as does Hearth Keeper over at Book of Mirrors, and Rhyd Wildermuth over at Paganarch. Do check these out!

We also have two more contributions to On Purification: thank you, Estara and Hearth Keeper!

Check out Snapshots. I’ve shared my Vigil shrine from this year’s Vigil for the Bulls; Columbine has allowed us a glimpse into her current shrine for Apollon; Estara shares her shrine for Frigga, Freya, and Morgan; Danica takes us into the Black Stone Hermitage so we can see her meditation and lectio divina spot.

Want to share a photo with everyone? Email me at my.polytheism@gmail.com or message me on FB. I really love getting to see glimpses into other peoples practices and sacred spaces, and I’m eager for more!

I’m still not sure I love this approach to that page. Separate pages for each photo, or one page with links back to relevant places? I’m going for the latter first, because it seems like less work both for me and also for the viewer. All the photos in one spot is faster and less work/less clicking. Feed back is appreciated!


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