Overlooked additions, underannounced contributions, and also: I kinda suck at this!

If I haven’t made it clear by now: this has grown bigger and faster than I expected (not hard; I really didn’t expect it to at all) and because of that things are falling through the cracks. Thank you to everyone who is holding me accountable and reminding me when I forget something/screw something up.

There’s two more additions to the #mypolytheism contributions, here and here (thank you Jack and Oliver!) There’s also a new contribution to the ‘On Purification’ section (thank you again, Jack!)

In other news: I apparently have a deep-seated need for revenge against the world for so many people added an S to the end of my surname over the years, and am working through that by bestowing that S to others. *sighs at self* I’m also, in my haste to share these things, not taking the time to, oh, I don’t know, extend a simple courtesy such, “Hey, how would you like to be attributed?” I’m sorry for those whose names I’ve gotten wrong, and for those whose names I’ll blunder in the future (because I know me, and I’m not perfect, and I’m going to keep effing this up, let’s not pretend otherwise). I’ll strive to do better, that at much I can promise. Please speak up if I eff up anything. I have many failings, but a fragile ego isn’t one of them. We can only make this great together. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Overlooked additions, underannounced contributions, and also: I kinda suck at this!

  1. Try having a last name that people insist is something else. Carper becomes something else.

    Am enjoying the site. Need to get something to submit myself.


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