And moar updates!

Two new essays added today, and thank you Columbine and Kiya Nicoll for your support!

Kiya writes about purity and cleansing, and Columbine shares a bit about herself in Tempest, My Love. Check ’em out!

(quick update! Work week for me, wooohoo!)


5 thoughts on “And moar updates!

    • argh!! You are the second person whose last name I’ve tacked an s on at the end! Am I passively aggressively trying to get revenge on everyone whose ever decided it was Dawes and not Dawe?? Maybe. Maybe.

      Sorry. Fixing it now!


      • Don’t worry about it; my last name is apparently devilishly difficult for people to spell for some reason. (You’ve got me pluralised in the base #mypolytheism too, when you get ’round to it.)


      • Got it! In my defense, I grew up around a family of ‘Nicolls’ but that’s really no excuse. ;p I’m sorry.


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