More Voices added, a mention in Gods&Radicals, and oh, by the way, you are all amazing!

This morning I got around to adding three new links to people writing about their polytheisms. Thanks to Danica, Nick, and Laine for being generous with your material!

This site got a nice mention in Gods & Radicals — thanks for that, too! Because of that, I’ve seen an uptick in interest. I’m not an intention seeker by any means (oh, gods, look away, look AWAY) but I want attention on this project, I really do. I didn’t know it was even going to be a project, when this started, but yes. My heart breaks every time someone writes about how they thought polytheism had no place for them, so fuck, yes, I want our voices loud. You rock. Have I mentioned that yet?

I feel as though, in the last few days, I’ve stumbled upon a secret enclave of awesome polytheist on social media. I know we’re not perfect, I know we’re not all super besties with one another, but I’m realizing I’ve done myself a disservice, avoiding people in general for all this time. Getting burned out on certain attitudes is unavoidable, if those are the only attitudes you run into. I’ve had polytheist friends who are not assholes, and I’ve known that MOST polytheists are not trying to act as gatekeepers, but it’s something else entirely to *see* that. So, thank you, all of you.

On an admin note: I’ve change the settings for the comments to moderation. I thought they were already, and they weren’t. Whoops! I’m serious when I say assholery will not be tolerated. This WILL NOT be a place where harassment is tolerated. All comments will go through me.


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