Sooooo . . . . apparently, this has become a thing.

I’m extremely excited that so many people have been inspired to write up their own ‘My Polytheism’ essays, and grateful beyond words that you’ve allowed me to gather them here. I hope this keeps happening. I’m finding that it’s sort of like kittens. I want them all, all in one spot. Yes, kittens. Or books. Or kittens and books, and also tea.

You may have noticed things changing around as I decide how I want the place to look   (for now). There are some topic ideas that some would like to see discussed, though this is by no means a complete list. I’m not setting deadlines or anything like that. Write about something (or record something) if you want, as you want, and share, again, if you want. Is there a subject you want others to talk about or share? Suggest it! Or write the first one and share it! There’s a Facebook page, and I’ve even started a YouTube channel, in case people want to do videos and have nowhere to put them.

The Internet is a wonderful, wonderful place. I have, for most of my life, been in the ‘community online isn’t really real’ , even when I know better. (Two of my friends in ‘real life’ are people I met off-line initially. Two. Everyone else, including my partner Beth, I met online first. So, I know that’s bullshit). Like many, when people talk about ‘the pagan community’ or ‘the polytheist community’, I cringe, and mutter something about  it not being a real community, not the way they mean.

Except, over the last year I’ve had people pouring out help when we’ve needed it the most, sending encouragement, advice, and support from all over the place. I’ve seen just how real these communities can be. Maybe we’re  not one big, solid community. Maybe we’re a collection of smaller communities that overlap in places. Maybe my understanding of what community looks like has been wrong. Did other people realize this, already? Am I the last to know?

Thank you, for helping me remember that people are awesome!


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